This sparkling collection of personal essays will capture your heart, engage your imagination, and help you find the extraordinary in your life, no matter your current circumstances. Here you’ll discover multiple examples of finding magic in the mundane, celebration in loss, and a deep appreciation for all that is. But viewing life through a lens of gratitude takes practice, especially in our sometimes messy, busy, burdened and imperfect lives. Each of these stories is followed by reflective journaling questions designed to help you:

  • Find YOUR story.
  • Explore its MEANING.
  • Celebrate the beauty that exists in your life RIGHT NOW.

Gratitude is one of the simplest and most profound gateways to greater peace, joy, wellness, and better relationships. Start practicing today!

What Readers are Saying:

“A lively 'must have' for anyone who would cultivate a mindful approach to life.

-California Bookwatch

“…A great book. We get a lot of book pitches, but this one really spoke to me.”

-Kim Murphy, Fox 6 News Wake Up

“Through great storytelling, Christel reminds us how everyday simple acts lead us to a richer life through mindful gratitude…then she offers easy tools and tips on how to do it ourselves. I was truly inspired after reading this book!

-Maria Brophy, Author and Business Consultant