"This is the best training I've ever attended." 

- Chris Rosin, Nonprofit Program Manager

 "I would highly recommend the Mindful Gratitude Workshop. It changed my entire way of thinking. I believe that I will have more peace in my life as I approach it from a place of gratitude." 

- Bevin Christy, Director of Career Readiness and Community Engagement, Carmen Schools of Science & Technology

 “I was surprised how easily the words came out of me. Christel really made the group feel welcome and safe to share. I don't normally journal, but this workshop opened up a new facet of how to journal that I hadn't thought of before. We will use the skills we learned.”

 “The experience was wonderful. It came at a perfect time for me.”

 “I thought it was a perfect way to begin my day after a rather sleepless night. Meditation, reading and thinking and writing about my life gave me just the reset I needed.”

“I thought the whole workshop was amazing!!! I have started my daily appreciation journaling!!!”

“The workshop was great, and I really liked the way it was structured.”

“I love the book and truly enjoyed the day. Thank you!”

“Thanks for a great workshop! I really enjoyed it!”