The Mindful Gratitude Workshop is a powerful and unique experiential learning opportunity delivered in workplaces, community centers, and anywhere people are looking for deeper connections, increased wellness, improved relationships, and a more meaningful experience of daily life.

The workshop blends three compelling research-based wellness principals– mindfulness, gratitude, and journaling –  providing participants with opportunities to practice skills in each key area as they retreat, reflect, and recharge in a relaxed and supportive environment. Each participant will receive one copy of the book, Mindful Gratitude: Practicing the Art of Appreciation, one Mindful Gratitude Journal, and one Mindful Gratitude Notecard. These tools will allow participants to practice mindful gratitude skills long after the workshop ends, giving the session an extended shelf life and deeper impact.


  1. Provide an experiential retreat from the stress and “noise” of a typical modern American day.
  2. Reduce stress by deepening appreciation of the contributions of colleagues, family members, friends, and yourself.
  3. Practice identifying, processing, and articulating opportunities for mindfulness and gratitude to help you shift perspective and attitude in real-time circumstances.
  4. Support the building of healthy family and organizational cultures that are more resilient, compassionate, and respectful


  • Employers seeking to bring more immersive and experiential offerings to their workplace wellness programs, or employers seeking to build more resilient, respectful, and supportive workplace cultures. (The Gratitude Gift set also provides an excellent way for employers to say THANK YOU to employees!)
  • Senior Centers seeking meaningful activities to help seniors stay sharp, focused, and emotionally well.
  • College Life Coordinators seeking to build strong protective factors for students facing the stresses and demands of college life.
  • Community Centers or Professional Training Centers seeking to bring more meaningful and experiential offerings to their activity and training schedules.
  • Any organization or individual interested in building resiliency, respect, empathy, and joy.


If you're working to build a culture of greater respect, empathy, and resiliency, this workshop will play an important role in establishing a foundation or building on existing successes.

If you're interested in booking a workshop, please call (414) 248-6734 or e-mail